Seller Services

In general, there are five areas that I find sellers are most concerned about when it comes time to sell their home: pricing, photography and home presentation, online marketing, print marketing, and communication during the listing. I have a system for each of these items so you can rest assured knowing that your property is in great hands.


Whether you are six days from listing or six months, I will perform a comprehensive CMA on your property so you know exactly where your home stands in relation to the market. If you are several months away from listing your home, I will also provide a CMA when you are ready to list as markets change every day!

Photography and Home Presentation:

Before your goal list date, give me a call so I can take a close look at your home through the buyer’s eyes. I will determine if there are areas of your home that need some maintenance before we are ready to put it on the market. I don’t recommend doing anything that will simply result in just breaking even. I want there to be a potentially big return on your investment, whether that be a time or money investment.

I will work with you on a plan to stage your home and merchandise it to appeal to the widest range of buyers. If your appliances are more than 10 years old, I will provide a home warranty for the buyer. Buyers love this because if any of the appliances break while under warranty, the warranty company will take care of the fix. It is very common for older appliances to break within the first year because new owners may use the appliance different than you do.

Once we are ready to list the property, I hire a professional photographer and put together a virtual tour. I will keep in touch with you as you prepare your home so we are on the same page regarding your timeline and provide you the support you need.

Download our Seller Road Map! (PDF)

Online Marketing:

According to the National Association of REALTORS, 92% of buyers search for homes online. Therefore it is critical to make sure your home appears on a number of different websites where buyers are searching. The act of taking your listing that is on the MLS and pushing it out to dozens of different websites is called “listing syndication”. Your home will be listed not only on the MLS and each local real estate company’s website, but also Trulia, Redfin,, and many more!

In addition, we will add your listing to Facebook and pay to have it boosted. We customize the audience the listing reaches based on location, the likelihood of them buying, their income, and interests. This allows us to put the listing in front of thousands of people who are interested in buying a home just like yours!

Print Marketing:

Just because buyers are searching online doesn’t mean they don’t like to pick up a flyer or receive a Just Listed card. These practices sell houses and it is not something I am willing to skimp on. I also create special feature cards to highlight all the features in your home that may not be immediately apparent.

I never push the “List” button until everything is ready to go! I never want to miss an opportunity to sell your home, so being showtime ready when we say, “go!” is of the utmost importance. The first two to five hours can be the most important time in the listing.


Throughout your listing, I will communicate with you on a weekly basis to keep you updated on all showings, feedback, sign and ad calls, as well as online traffic. We do this constant analysis to make sure the market is responding to your property so it stays fresh in the eyes of the market until it sells.